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What is a CD

Cd storage
There are many different styles of CD storage that are available. There are storage units with a shelf that spins around or those that are fixed and have a door that can be pushed open. Whether you need space for a large collection or just want your CDs to look good, there is a CD storage solution for you.

CD storage capacity is measured in megabytes, but can also be expressed in the amount of audio or video content you want to store. It also depends on the resolution and physical size of the image. A single picture can take up to four megabytes of space. That's equivalent to around seventy high-quality JPEG pictures. With this kind of capacity, you can store a lot of different pictures on one CD.

In addition to CDs, you can also use DVDs for your digital data. While they look similar, there are some differences between CD and DVD storage. While CDs have a limited capacity of 4.7 GB, DVDs can hold up to 17 GB of data. DVDs also have more storage space, and you can store a whole movie on one disc. DVDs are also more versatile and offer more options than CDs.

The surface of CDs is vulnerable to damage from scratches. Because the data layer and reflective metal layer are located very close to each other, any slight indentation on the surface can destroy their readability by a laser. CDs can even get damaged by a malfunctioning CD writer.

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